The Last Twenty-Five Years
The First Fifty Years

The First Fifty Years… How it All Started

2/20/30 First fatal fire recorded in Winfield
3/3/30 First job posting for Firefighter
3/6/34 McCormick Barn Fire, Mutual Aid received from Chicago Engine 77, Dairy barn was saved, incurred $50,000 in damages
3/11/35 First Captain appointed, Jacob Zeier; John T. Karwoski was recommended as Fire Chief and William Zeier was recommended as Assistant Fire Chief to the Village Board for Official Sanction
1/31/38 Fire at Winfield Sanitarium
1/27/41 First Trustees appointed by the County Board Chairman: Charles Abbott, Al Schmidt, Marvin Hammond and Frederick Borter
1st Ordinance - Tax and license Foreign Fire Insurance Co.
2nd Ordinance - Creation and Establishment of Fire Department
6/20/41 $25/year for Trustees
12/49 Blue lights approved to be used when responding to calls in Chaplain's and Firefighters' cars.
3/7/55 District boundaries change
1/9/56 Salaries approved: Fire Chief $25/yr., Secretary/Treasurer $50/yr., Janitor $130/yr.
2/63 Rental of County garage for South Side Fire Station, housing 3 vehicles
1963 Pay raise for Fire Chief approved, $100/year
11/1/67 Company won 1st place in Naperville round up (Waterfights)
5/4/70 Station 1 and its land sold for $10.00 by vote of the current membership of 24-4, from the Winfield Volunteer Fire Company to the Winfield Fire Protection District
2/73 New Station 1 to be built for $255,377.00, next to the existing Station
3/7/74 1st meeting in new Station 1
5/01/74 1st full-time Employee hired, William Enders, Building Superintendent, Training Officer, and Public Relations/Communications
1/77 Entered DuComm Emergency Communication Agency, receiving all "911" calls for the District
3/1/78 Village and WFPD passed Fire Prevention Ordinance